My Affiliate Traffic FAQs

What is My Affiliate Traffic

My Affiliate Traffic is an online platform for delivering real human visitors to affiliate links placed by My Affiliate Traffic members and owner. This is a powerful software solution that enables people like you to get your affiliate links, banners and text ads seen, and get the chance to earn extra money from home.

How does My Affiliate Traffic work?

Members view sites of other members and earn credits for every site they view. A site will receive one hit for each credit assigned to it.

What are credits? How do I get / use them?

Credits are the form of a unit we use here at My Affiliate Traffic. Members earn credits by viewing websites, emails or other forms of advertising as an incentive. A member earns the amount of credits based on his or her membership level. Free members will earn ½ of 1 credit for a view of a single website or a 2 : 1 surf ratio. Gold members (highest level) earn 2 credits for every view of a single website.

How many credits can I earn in one day?

This will depend on how long you view ads for, but you can do this as often as you like for as long as you want in a 12 hour period. A free member can earn 1 credit every 30 seconds, so 2 credits per minute which is 120 credits per hour for free. An upgraded member will earn aprox. 4 credit every 30 sec, so 8 credits per minute is 480 credits per hour!

Is it possible to earn extra money using My Affiliate Traffic?

It is very easy to earn extra money using our traffic exchange system. When you join as a free member you are given an affiliate link with which you can promote to gain signups. When another person joins through your affiliate link and upgrades, you will earn 20% of the sale. (higher membership level provides higher commissions) For example Silver earns 40% and Gold earns 50% commissions on sales of memberships and advertising purchases.

Do I get free credits each day or month as a free member?

YES! Free members are awarded credits every month at no cost. We also REWARD members who login each day with a variety of random prizes of advertising. All membership levels will get a reward for logging in and for being a member of My Affiliate Traffic, but it will depend upon your membership level as to what you get as a prize. Higher membership levels produce higher prizes.

Do I have to view ads in order to get traffic to my websites?

NO! You just need to login, purchase credits and assign them to your ads. You can pop in every now and then to check your stats. We have many different credit packs available to purchase which will suit your needs.

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